Monday, November 30, 2009

Thoughts on Thanksgiving Travel

1) Flying on Tuesday morning the week of Thanksgiving is a good idea. About 80% of the plane was filled by people over the age of 55. Luckily I had brought some cross stitching to do on the plane which made several old ladies quite happy.
2) Flying back on Saturday morning after Thanksgiving is not as pleasant. About 80% of the plane was made up of parents with little kids. Luckily I had an mp3 player and just drowned them out.
3) Public transportation actually works in California. Instead of renting a car...we took the Metrolink which got us within 20 miles of both parental units. And not only was this a cheaper option, we didn't have to worry about traffic. It also gave us the chance to walk over to Olveria St. from Union Station to get some yummy tacos. We also found our parents to be in much better moods when they picked us up since they only had to drive 30 to 40 minutes instead of 2 hours.
4) In all, I realized how thankful I am that even though we are pretty far from family, it really only takes 8 hours to get back home. It was good to be home for Thanksgiving and good to see both sides of the family. While it was a quick trip, it was worth it.

Monday, November 09, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Overheard while passing a very excited 4 year old in the Christmas Tree isle of Target....
"Look mom, the Hanukkah trees are out!"

And it's only November 9th.