Monday, May 18, 2009

Week update

Matt made it down to Guatemala safely and his biggest comment so far is that it is "musty" (whatever that means). He was off to some volcano today to interview some people in a Mayan village that is supposedly "by the most beautiful lake in the world". I have to admit I was a bit jealous when I read that email this morning as I sat down in my dark cave of a cube. Oh well...I guess I'll have to settle for my picture of the ocean sitting on my desk.

On the home front...I got my tomatoes in the garden this past weekend. It's not quite as exciting as climbing a volcano...but I met 3 fellow gardeners I hadn't met yet and fought with about 150 foot watering hose. One of the other gardeners was saying that it's really not safe to plant much before May 28th because of the frost. But it's been so warm lately and the forecast doesn't seem to be headed back down into the 30's anytime I'm crossing my fingers and hoping I'm not pushing my luck by planting so much this soon. If any thing I've got some great looking peas coming up and they should manage through the frost ok.

I also started reading "Justification" by NT Wright this past weekend. I enjoyed Wright's book "Surprised by Hope" quite a lot so I'm anxious to see if "Justification" is just as good. I'll let you know.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Prayer Requests

Matt will be leaving Friday for another out of the country trip. This time down to Guatemala. He'll be getting footage for some Urbana videos. If you think of it...pray for safety, for the equipment to work and that they'd had wisdom to see the stories in front of them.

On the home front, you could pray for our church as we get ready for a big out reach in a few weeks. Once a year we do a movie outreach and this year we're showing Pixar's new movie UP. There's still a lot of planning to do...but our hope is that it'll open the doors to friends and family who don't typically go to church. So pray that church members would take risks and not fear inviting people to this event!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


While I love really does disrupt normal schedules. We had been out in California a few weeks ago, and I'm still feeling like I am trying to get back into a normal schedule again. But on the fun side, garden is partially market has now started's been in the 60's and 70's for two weeks now. On the not so fun side I've been sitting in 12 hour meetings all week and this weekend will be sitting in another meeting for church (which should be interesting...we have a person coming in to do a healing seminar...we'll see how that goes)...oh well, I guess no garden for me this weekend. :( But on the positive side, there's a huge garage sale that starts tomorrow at a church in a near by town. Funky clothes and old Tupperware here I come!