Monday, February 22, 2010

Julie and Julia

So we finally broke down and rented "Julie and Julia" this weekend.  I actually can't remember the last time we rented a movie.  Ever since Blockbuster raised their rates, we've gone to borrowing movies or just buying them at Target when they are cheap.  However, the grocery store has one of those Red Box movie rental we figured we'd give that a try.  And while we totally defeated the point of the movie by eating frozen was enjoyable, we only paid $1.57 for the movie and is making me anxious for the March edition of Cooking Light to arrive in my mail box.
As far as the movie, it's cute :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Pray for Upcoming Supreme Court Case

For all of you who love student ministry (be that through InterVarsity, Crusade, Navigators, Young Life or any of the other great ministries out there), you might want to keep your eyes on this upcoming Supreme Court case (  How the court rules will have significant implications.

In short, the Supreme Court will decide in late spring "whether a public university law school may deny school funding and other benefits to a religious student organization because the group requires its officers and voting members to agree with its core religious viewpoints".

While there have been many cases similar to this in the past, they have all been heard at the lower court levels.  And currently two of the lower courts have offered differing rulings on the matter which is why the Supreme Court has chosen to hear the case.  So if you think of it, pray for the hearing that will happen in late spring.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Ministry Update February 2010

Our latest prayer update/letter hit the mail last week.  If you don't get a copy, you can view and print a copy by clicking on the above image.  And if you ever want to get a copy via email or the mail...just let us know.

Thanks to everyone for supporting us through the Urbana season with your prayers, friendships, and encouragement.  Looking back, the past 4 months were worth all the frustrations, long hours and joys as we worked to help set the stage for God to speak to today's college students.  We couldn't have done it without you!

As we settle back into a more normal work flow, you can pray for us as we continue to process what God spoke to us at Urbana and as we start a variety of new projects.

Monday, February 01, 2010

You Know it's been a rough weekend when... can't escape Chuck Norris!

Friday Night:  Chuck Norris kept popping onto the TV screen advertizing the "Total Gym" while I was surfing for something better to watch. 

Saturday Evening: He was sighted at our local Christian Bookstore.  Why they were selling his book "Black Belt Patriotism" along with the "Chuck Norris official Fact book"...I'm not quite sure.

Saturday Night:  Chuck Norris chased me through the Jungle and tried to kill me because I mocked his book.

Sunday Morning: Went to church and tried to clense my mind of Chuck Norris.

Sunday Evening:  Ran into Chuck again at the grocery store.  He was trying to sell us his old videos for $3.  We held our ground and said no.
Monday:  No Chuck yet...I'm praying this will be a more normal week.