Monday, October 22, 2012

Back to Work I Go

After being on maternity leave for about 4 months, I am finally returning to work. As this day has drawn closer I've been viewing it as both bitter and sweet.

Bitter in that it means more transition in our life. Transition always seems to bring out some level of angst as I face the unknown and discover expectations I didn't know existed. So I'm  not looking forward to that especially since I feel like I just got a handle on Emma's daily routine.

But the return to work also seems sweet. I'll be starting a new job with InterVarsity and working 10 hours from  home. I'll be working with the communication's team and working website analytics (watching website trends and using that data to help serve our web users better) as well as various special projects. It's exciting because it's a new role within InterVarsity and I'll get to help shape this job and it is flexible enough I can work from home. And I feel very fortunate for that. And what's even more sweet about this job is that it actually is work I enjoy doing. Bonus.

So here starts a new stage of my life...working mom. Luckily millions of moms seem to make it work. So I'm pretty confident I'll be able to make it work.