Thursday, August 30, 2012

Favorite Baby Items So Far

There are so many baby items out there, one of the things I wondered about pre-baby was which of all those items would I really end up appreciating the most. So far, these have been my favorite items (and favorite because they've been a life-saver for our cranky baby and tired parents).

Moby Wrap: I feared this would be to complicated to figure out how to use, but it was actually pretty simple once I got the hang of it. Our kiddo fusses a bit when first going in, but once I start walking she usually calms right down.

Miracle Blanket: So this might just be because our kiddo is long, but this has worked way better than the swaddling blankets. It fits her better and she doesn't break out of it quite so easily.

The Kindle: I love how I can hold it with one hand and turn pages with that same hand while holding or rocking a baby. Amazing!!!  I'm surprised they haven't done an ad campaign based on that yet.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Not Quite a Spitting Image....

But sometimes when I look at my child, I see this....

I'm not sure if this is due to the resurgence of 80's fashion or if I'm reverting to some of my childhood loves. If anything, I sure hope that my kiddo has more of the good luck side of this troll than the troll side.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Female Fight Club: Why We Should Put Down Our Gloves

Great article over at The Well. And has challenged me to think about the groups of people/women I tend not to hang out with. (It's also written by a former roommate of mine).

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Garden Exploded

This year I tried to cut back on my garden by spacing plants out a bit more than normal. I planted 4 tomato plants instead of 6, two zucchini plants instead of 3, two cucumber vines, and a bunch of corn. I also tried to plant things that would take less maintenance since I wasn't sure how often I'd be able to get out with a newborn.

I don't know if it was the extra room I gave the plants in the garden, or if it was the crazy heat we had this summer, or if I just lucked out this year, but all my plants ended up looking massive and very healthy. Ironically sometimes I think that the less I do out in the garden, the better my plants look.

My other theory is that I was about 2-3 weeks late in getting the seeds planted. That coupled with an early spring I think made me miss the first round of bugs. However this year I have had more problems with rabbits and squirrels.

Anyhow, I finally took Emma out to the garden with me the other day and it went better than I expected. She slept the whole time.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

What I Wish I Would Have Known about C-Sections

I have to admit that I was a bit unprepared to have a c-section. Our pregnancy had been such a normal one that I just assumed the birth would be to. We had decided that we were not opposed to a C-section if it was medically necessary. But again, since we didn't really anticipate having one, I never did much research about them. But even if I had, I'm not sure I would have found out about some of these side effects of c-sections.

Here's what I wish I would have known prior to the c-section:

1. No Driving
I had heard that you couldn't lift anything for 4-6 weeks after having a c-section (and believe me I don't think I could have if I tried), but I don't think anyone ever mentioned that you really can't drive for 4-6 weeks after a c-section. I'm not sure which is worse...not being able to lift anything or not being able to drive. I guess the reasoning is that you use stomach muscles for breaking and it's hard to turn to look over your shoulder. I was a bit unprepared for that one. The only benefits of not driving has been 1) it's forced me to rest and 2) I spend a lot less money when I don't go out of the house.

2. It Hurts to Laugh and Sneeze
I don't think I ever realized how many simple movements such as laughing and sneezing are tied to your stomach/ab muscles. Wow. It's also equally amazing how well holding a pillow held to your stomach helps with that pain.

3. The Shakes
I think this is common with any surgery...but after the c-section was over and I was in recovery I got really bad shakes. It was the weirdest/freakest feeling ever. You can't feel anything in your lower body and then you're completely out of control of the upper half of you body as it is shaking. Was not expecting that one either.

4. Loss of Nerves
I'm not sure why I was surprised by this (given this was major surgery and the incision is a deep incision that cuts through a bunch of nerves), but I still don't have complete feeling around the incision line. I hear that for most people the feeling comes back after a while. So we'll see. But for now, there's a good 6 inches where I don't feel much.

So there you have it. Things I wish I would have known about 3 months ago.