Thursday, November 16, 2006

Caught in headlights

So we woke up this morning as usual to the traffic report on our local radio station. "We've got some heavier traffic this morning on highway 51, " spouted the radio announcer who apparently heard there must have been about 5 cars on the only freeway in town! And how does one conclude a 15 second traffic report in Madison? "And just to remind everyone, it's deer mating season! So watch out for those frisky deer as you drive to work!"

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Apology to Mom

Over the past weeks it's become apparent that I owe an apology to my Mother. For years I have balked at her kindly suggestions to wear stockings of any form. Any that I owned remained hidden in the back of my dresser in hopes that they might someday decide they are board sitting around and get up and walk away while I'm not looking. However, since moving to Wisconsin I have discovered that stockings are wonderful things. And despite how I feel about their fashionability, are essential. So were right all along about wearing stockings and I now faithfully wear them in an effort not to freeze!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Cheese Curds

So for those of you who have asked what a cheese curd is, this is what they look like. And they are pretty good if you've never had one. :) They have the consitancy of string cheese usually but with a much stronger saltier taste. I could get used to them.

On edge

I'm still in awe at the hike we took in Zion National Park in Utah. It was crazy hiking along the edge of cliffs and seeing signs every once in a while reminding us that people have fallen off the cliff on this hike and died. That definitely makes for a more interesting hike. I think one reason I keep thinking about this hike is that in many ways it feels like where I am at right now. Precariously balanced on a ledge trying not to fall. Mostly this is with work as I am learning a lot of new things and constantly finding I either am wrong about something or haven't a clue what is going on. It's defiantly been a humbling experience. I got a e-mail this past week which probably describes best how I've been feeling lately. The e-mail was in reference to Urbana (the convention I am working with) and how it is in a new location and venue this year. The writer stated that a significant move such as Urbana is making is very much so like a family moving across country.

"When a family moves, it inconveniences everyone.

· Moving uncovers all sorts of trash, clutter and stains.

· The family is extra cranky before, during and after the move.

· Living out of boxes is unavoidable—setting up a new house takes time.

· Moving reveals the broken furniture that has been propped up for years.

· The new house doesn’t meet all expectations.

· Moving is expensive.

· Moving stretches old relationships. Moving forces you to make new relationship"

After reading that e-mail, I realized the reason I feel so on edge has a lot to do with what moving allows to surface. But I'm greatful that God is keeping us safe on the path and that as precarious as it may seem, the view around us is stunning.