Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Question I Should Have Asked Before We Got Married

There are so many things I should have asked my husband before we got married such as... "What are your thoughts about unclogging a plugged sink?"

I realized this as I was crammed under our small bathroom sink clearing out massive hair balls and other lovely bathroom sink gunk while my husband was cowering in the other room trying not to gag.

Knowing my husbands aversion to unclogging pipes would not have prevented me from getting married...but at least I would have gotten a few more lessons from my dad in the art of pipe unclogging.

Needless to say, a half an hour later with one small bucket full of hair and slimyness and a shirt that now smells like algee...we have a sink that works like a charm!


  1. Hahaha, that is great. Having lived with lots of roommates, some of which shed more hair than others, combined with old bathtubs...I have learned some of the tricks. But yes, this is one of those things that you assume a husband would do...assuming is not a good thing. Funny story :)

  2. Anonymous7:36 PM

    I learned as well---though if Dad had been home Matt, he would have done it for me. ;-}
    I heard that a bottle brush works but it wouldn't fit through our permanent fixture in the drain. Remembering the old bike spoke Dad uses for reaching I did the same. It worked like a charm due to it's length and the hook at the bottom. Now I can get to the clog whenever necessary. Do women just figure things out naturally?