Monday, December 12, 2011

Dinner for Two - $7.50

So back in Santa Barbara I must confess that Costco was an old stand-by for a quick cheap meal. I mean you can't really beat $1.50 for a hot dog and soda or $1.99 for a huge slice of pizza.

When we moved to Wisconsin we knew that we were moving to a place void of Costco. However within 2 years of moving here, one was built. However much to our dismay we learned that the food court would be built indoors behind the membership check at the front door.  So we figured that only Costco members could get to the food court. (An indoor food court totally makes sense given our cold winters.)

To our great surprise, this past week we learned that you can still get to the food court without a membership! So this past Saturday after a long afternoon of Christmas shopping, we headed over to Costco. Timidly approached the lady at the entrance and sheepishly asked if we could go get food at the food court. She said, of course. And we were in. A Costco hotdog never tasted so good.

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