Friday, February 15, 2008


So what is one supposed to do with their life when it has snowed about 80inches within the past 3 months? We're still trying to figure that one out.

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  1. Anonymous9:26 PM

    It looks as if you could get 6 - 8inches more snow by Sunday night.
    BUNDLE UP!!!!
    We actually had 4 inches of snow in Oak Glen Tues. I had to drive home when almost to work. My truck does not have 4 wheel drive. The parking lot was a mess. It snowed all day---AWESOME.
    I thought I was in Madison.
    Dad is doing better!
    We went to a soccer game today at YHS. Girls won in 2nd round of CIF
    We have had 80-85 degree weather, snow, then 74degrees today.
    It is crazy
    Much love
    Mom and Dad