Monday, October 06, 2008

California Trip

Last week, we made a mad dash out to California for a dear friends wedding (all I can say is Natalie, it was about time!). Lesson's learned from this trip:
  • make sure to check with your airline about flights. We thought we had checked but somehow we missed that a flight had been canceled.
  • MidWest Airlines is not so friendly on the ground...after finding out that our flight was canceled, the counter help just handed us a 1-800 number and then disappeared!
  • it helps to be a prefered member of a car rental place. After spending an hour on the phone with the airlines at LAX, it was nice to call the rental place and get a car within 1 minute!
  • People drive crazy in LA. I had forgoten that.
  • I'm grateful my parents only live 40 minutes away from the airport and don't mind two stranded kids showing up on their front porch! :) Thanks mom and dad!

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