Thursday, March 05, 2009


It's been a while since I've traveled so frequently. When I was on campus staff there was a stretch of about 2 years when I was on a plane every 2 months. Traveling so much then I think cured me of all ambitions I might of had about being a grand world traveler. Anyhow...the past few years have been relatively travel free for me (not Matt). These next few months however are full of plane rides, long car rides and fast food. I think I'm actually on the road more than I'm going to be at home.

On the positive side, traveling makes me appreciate home more and more and in particular home cooked food and my own bed. On the negative side it usually stretches my patience and makes me feel like I am forever 2 weeks behind in the work that needs to be done.

My latest journey took me to St. Louis for some Urbana planning meetings. The highlight of that trip was getting a tour of St. Louis by a local InterVaristy alumni. I had completely forgotten that Missouri was a former slave state and it was interesting to hear so many stories were related to that fact and how race still plays a major role in shaping St. Louis (both in good ways and bad). The other highlight of the tour was seeing this place. If you're ever in St.'s pretty amazing to see and I'd recommend it. It's almost entirely covered by mosaics inside. Crazy.

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