Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Loving Work?

My boss who lives in Colorado is currently in town for a few days. As I am still fairly new to my job, I still don't know a whole lot about him. However I have been amazed at how much my boss absolutely loves his job! I've never heard him complain about what he does and there is almost always a glimmer of joy in his eyes as we talk details about different projects.

It's gotten me thinking about how much our work is really a gift from God and just as one can get excited and joyful over a birthday gift, we can get excited about the gift of work that God has given us. I don't often think of my job as a gift from God. But in many ways it really is.

I guess the challenge for me is that as I settle more and more into the routine of the job, I try to cling to the idea that my job is a gift and it's ok to be excited and find joy in it. It's a weird idea though because I don't think I've ever met to many people who really find joy in their jobs. In many ways I feel like you're looked upon as a freak if you do find some sort of satisfaction in your work. But I think it's something to strive for as well.

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