Monday, December 10, 2007

Puppy Chow

One of my more distinctive Christmas memories involves coveting and thievery.

Somewhere around 6th grade, my grandma made the most wonderful concoction ever created. It was chex mix that was mixed with chocolate, peanut butter and powder sugar. She only made it one or two years and let us take a zip lock bag of the left overs home with us. Somehow between her house and ours, I managed to siphon off a majority of this chocolate peanut buttery goodness into my own plastic bag which I then promptly hid under my bed so no one else could eat it. For weeks I would pull it out the bag only to let myself eat 5-10 pieces a day. I think I made it to at least the end of February.

Grandma never made it again and ever since then I've longed to find out what this amazing concoction was. I asked her once years later for the recipe and she only gave me a blank look not remembering what it was that she made. I considered it a lost cause.

A few weeks ago however at bible study, someone brought in a whole container of this same treat. I was so excited! I come to find that it is the simplest recipe to make and that most everyone in the world has both eaten it and made it. So "Puppy Chow" has now become a Christmas main stay in the Kirk apartment world.


  1. So...are ya gonna share the recipe??? :)

  2. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Wade and I made "muddie buddies" when he was very young. Grandma Kirk loved them at the ranch.
    Matt was allergic to them. They had the same ingredients. ;-}
    mom k

  3. Sorry about not posting the recipe! I'm such a meany :) I just posted it. Enjoy!