Monday, December 31, 2007


It has been with great joy that I have been reacquainted with one of my old loves "Sim City". I used to spend hours on this game growing up, and built (and destroyed) countless cities. We got Sim City 4 this past Christmas and have already bankrupted one city and have begun mass trading with Matt's new city.

Some of the highlights of this newer version of Sim City are that Robots can attack your city, you can build just about any world wide landmark, and you can actually drive around your city. I'm glad I will now have something to occupy my time when Matt is gone. Although it's already occupying much of my time now.


  1. I got DDR for Christmas. It occupies my time and keeps me sweating profusely most days :D

    I used to play Sim city. I never liked it as much as the Sims, though.

  2. Ooooh! Sim City 4! Thanks for the head's up!

    -Steve (of that group "Steve and Lia") :)