Monday, January 07, 2008

Times are a changing

Well, we survived staff conference (it was a really good week and I'll write more later).

But I have to relate what I think is a pretty funny incident that happened on our way back from St. Louis. I had chosen to catch a ride down and back on the staff bus from Madison. About 2 hours away from Madison we somehow learn that there is a huge accident on the highway we are on right before the Madison turn off. It was a huge mess (40 car pile up due to fog) and the highway was closed down.

How we discovered this, I'm not entirely sure. But it wasn't long before one of our staff members began walking up the bus asking if anyone had a map so we could find an alternative route. He got only 2 seats when someone pulled out their lap top and connected to the Internet and began map questing an alternative route. I guess their lap top had some special chip that allows for an Internet signal within 3 miles of the highway.

Once the alternative route was determined, an announcement was made of the change of plans. A second later everyone whips out their cell phone to call everyone else who was not on the bus to let them know of the accident and the alternative route.

For whatever reason I found the whole thing really funny and was amazed at how far technology has come.

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  1. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Hey Sarah
    The fog and accident story made it to our Riverside, Ca news paper. Dad told me about the pileup when I came home from erands. I was going to e-mail and ask if any from IVF was involved.
    Glad to hear it was merely a cute anecdote for your group.
    HI AMY!!!
    Mom K