Monday, January 21, 2008


Martin Luther King day has been one of those holidays I haven't honestly thought much about. Mostly it was the culmination of a week at school focusing on the Civil Rights movement in America and more importantly a day off of school. But today I happened to watch a commemoration of Martin Luther King Jr. at the Wisconsin State Capitol and was struck by several things.

The first being that this holiday still remains one of the few non-commercial holidays left in our country. This was pointed out by one of the key note speakers. That struck me as significant because of my second observation. That this holiday often has more powerful religious/spiritual undertones and a call to action according to what is right (aka what God honors) than Christmas or Easter. At least this was the case with the commemoration at the capitol.

It was hard not to walk away from watching this program without feeling spurred towards surrendering my individualistic tenancies to pursue action and the greater good. I admire King for the legacy he has left this country and am grateful his prophetic voice and vision given to him by the God he trusted still has the power to call people to action and bring hope that change is possible.

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