Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Prosperity Gospel

I first saw this over at and was impacted by it so I thought it worth sharing. There are some painful truths in this video that I'd rather ignore...yet given that Good Friday is coming up, it's something worth reflecting on.


  1. thanks so much for sharing that. I really really appreciated it. I welled up a bit. but I like how it wasn't just emotional, pulling-at-your-heart-strings-because-we-know-how-to, but it was actually just really well done, and the music and images helped, but didn't overpower the actual truth. :) Very good. I might borrow it for my blog.

    p.s. linking you on my blog means I"ll be visiting more often :>

  2. I agree. I've seen this a number of times now and it always memorizes me.