Thursday, September 13, 2012

I Side With

So I've always been a fan of quizzes you can take that tell you all about yourself. It's fun to see how right or wrong they are. Anyways...a friend passed this along on facebook and I found it quite fascinating (I Side With). It's a quiz that attempts to show you which of the various Presidential candidates you are most aligned to based on their political positions. I most appreciated the "choose another stance" option because "yes" and "no" didn't always fit my thinking.

Anyways...I was surprised to find out that I'm most aligned to the Green Party. And my response to that was sadly..."Wait, what?...there's a Green Party?" I didn't even know one existed.

Now I'm not about to run out and join the Green Party, but it made me realize I may not be as aligned to the political party of choice as I think I am. And that's probably good for me to know.

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