Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Modern Diner: New York highlight #2

As mentioned before, Wellsville is a small town. Being such it took Matt and I about 15 minutes driving around trying to find some sort of breakfast place. You'd think it'd be pretty obvious where the local cafe's would be...but I guess you have to be a local to recognize them.

Anyways, the one we found was great! Not only could you get an omelet, toast and coffee for $4.35 (when was the last time you have seen prices like that), the coffee was amazing! So amazing that we had to go back the next day just to get the coffee and enjoy both it and the atmosphere.

The restaurant was called The Modern Diner, complete with not so modern decor, the locals to match, good coffee and instructions on how you should behave while there. If you're ever in Wellsville, I'd highly recommend this place.

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